The Differences Between Armed and Unarmed Security Services

Security is a crucial aspect of any organization, helping to ensure the safety and protection of both people and inventory on the premises. When it comes to security services, RC Security provides both armed and unarmed options for your selection. While both types prevent and deter potential threats, there are distinct differences between them in terms of training, responsibilities, and effectiveness. Keep reading to explore the contrasting features of armed and unarmed security services to help you understand which type may be the best fit for your security needs.

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Armed Security Officers

Armed security officers from RC Security are thoroughly trained to use firearms and force as necessary. RC Security’s staff includes many former members of law enforcement and the military, so armed security officers are best suited for medium to high-risk protection needs. We’ve seen evidence that armed security officers can serve as a major deterrent to crime for our clients.

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Unarmed Security

Unarmed security officers, on the other hand, are a more popular choice, especially if the presence of armed security officers may cause undue concern. The most common equipment for unarmed security guards are flashlights, two-way radios, body armor, pepper sprays, proper uniform and footwear, and foul weather gear.

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Your Safety is Paramount

At RC Security, we’re proud to offer complete security guard services, including vehicle patrol and specialized protection solutions for commercial and residential clients. Our officers are professional and highly trained in security protection and safety solutions, and your property’s safety is our top priority, regardless of whether you have armed or unarmed security officers.

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Why Choose RC Security Armed or Unarmed Protection

RC Security armed and unarmed security officers all undergo extensive selection, recruiting, and training processes. However, there is specialized training meant for each type of officer, depending on whether they are armed or unarmed. We’re dedicated to ensuring top-quality security services, so our officers train in all the physical aspects of security.

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If you need armed or unarmed security officers in Sacramento, RC Security has you covered! Choose between an armed or unarmed security officer according to the threat level and your requirements, and contact us today to get started with your security services.

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